Trattoria Pizzeria Toscana

Trattoria Pizzeria Toscana

Toscana Italian restaurant is undoubtedly one of the best Italian restaurants in Pattaya. The restaurant is located on Pattaya Beach Road close to the junction with Pattaya Klang and has been established for a good number of years now. For those of you who don’t know, the restaurant is best known for the fact that most if not all of the main ingredients for the food come from the owner’s only private farm so that he can keep a close eye on the quality of the products that are on offer. It is fair to say that he does as an superb job as the quality is always excellent.

As you walk in to Toscana you will walk through a small garden area which helps keep the place a little bit more private (and quiet) as it is set back from the from Beach Road. There are a few tables outside but inside seems to be the place where most people tend to opt for. Inside you can see the wide selection of wines that are on offer which once again is probably amongst the best if not the best in Pattaya. This really is an impressive sight especially if you are something of a wine connoisseur. Inside the place is well laid out and the waitresses are pleasant and efficient although sometimes their grasp of English is not quite as good as what you would expect considering the quality of the restaurant – but that is being a little over critical.

The food menu is excellent. It has everything that you would expect from an Italian restaurant plus a lot more. I have enjoyed the veal there previously but have also enjoyed pork and pasta dishes and must one day try one of the pizzas that always look delicious when they are brought out. My girlfriend can be something of a fussy eater and tends to always choose one of the Thai dishes wherever we eat but it says something about the quality of the food in Toscana that she always chooses some Italian dish – usually something pork based.

It has to be said that Trattoria Pizzeria Toscana is one of the best restaurants that I have been to in Pattaya and I don’t just mean Italian restaurants. The whole experience is very pleasant and relaxing with the food always being of an excellent standard. It is perhaps not somewhere that you would eat every week but once a month as a treat – and treat it will surely be!


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